Friday, August 19, 2016

The Culture of The West - Or, an amazing list of all the things to see in this area

I've been asked recently about the culture of The West, Wyoming in particular. It came up in a conversation about the abundance of things to do in this area, or better yet, the seeming under-abundance of things to do, because they are "inconvenient" or lacking in practical value. Or, one could argue, lacking in "prestige value", meaning that those that have lived in the area for a long period of time don't think of going to these sites as worthwhile.


Though I would like to mention that I completely understand the situation of being without the resources or ability to drive to these locations. Gas costs money. Some people can't afford cars, even. But to be honest, those are not the reasons that most people I talk to have not seen some of the amazing things in their area. They just confess to not taking the time, or at best being ignorant of the existence of such places.

Maybe that's what this blog is for. Wyoming is so rich. I hate to see it go to waste. Or for people to leave, because they mistakenly think there is "no culture here". The culture is different than other places, that's for certain, but we do have culture. You have to be willing to explore it for yourself, it won't come to you.

And that's the culture of The West in a nutshell. It won't come to you.

So. A list of all the places I strongly urge you to visit in the next year, or at least make a strong effort. I will post more information about these locations as I get to them. This is your country. Enjoy it.

  1. Fossil Butte National Monument
  2. Seedskedee National Wildlife Refuge
  3. Boar's Tusk
  4. Killpecker Sand Dunes
  5. The White Mountain Petrogyphs
  6. Natural Horse Corrals
  7. Medicine Wheel National Historic Site
  8. Linwood, the Town that Drowned - at the Lucerne exit on the Flaming Gorge
  9. Sinks Canyon
  10. And Yellowstone. Because. :D
 This is hardly an exhaustive list. I'll post other lists at a later date. Let me know if you go to any of these, and what you thought about them!

Hubby and Sweetie at Scott's Bottom, Green River, WY

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