Friday, May 13, 2016

The scenic geology of Southwest Wyoming:

You have to get off the main roads. Maik does it all the time. The county road system is the best for finding amazing sites, but you need a vehicle with good ground clearance, as some of the roads are a bit rough. Don't be afraid to get lost, just make sure you have a full tank of gas and water. Take a map - smartphones don't work so well in the wilds of Wyoming.

Don't ever feel like you've made a wasted trip if you don't get to where you thought you wanted to go, that's really missing the point of Wyoming.

Don't forget the people, either. The West is a culture all to itself. It can be a bit intimidating at first, so don't be put off if  "the locals" don't seem terribly friendly. :) More on this later.

Roller derby. Just a picture for motivation. !!

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  1. Nice start to a blog. Good photos. I hope you keep growing the blog, just look at all the views:)