Monday, August 29, 2016

Haven't been anywhere in awhile....

 I haven't posted lately, because we haven't really been anywhere besides work and back for awhile. Well, that's not entirely accurate. We tried to go out and look at some stuff this weekend, but had a flat. Luckily, the hubby always carries a small army of supplies, including Fix-a-Flat, a jack, and an electric tire inflator.

None of which helped, because the donut that this car carries wouldn't inflate past 40psi for some unknown reason.

So I called our Roadside Assistance provider, as we didn't want to drive with a semi-inflated donut with Sweetie in the car. Only to be told that most tow trucks don't allow car seats. 😒

So luckily, we have great friends that dropped everything to rescue us from the side of the road. But it got me to thinking: What if we were in another state? With friends several hours away? Would the tow truck driver be willing to drive one of us into town to get a rental car? What if the rental car store was closed, as they often are in small towns on weekends?

I have no idea what the answers to these questions are. I will be calling my insurance provider to figure out how we would deal with it if we were stranded without friends close by.

But we'll keep exploring.

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