Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Different types of Geology

I was talking to someone earlier who is interested in a career in Geology. "What type of Geology?" I asked.

I got a blank stare.

There is so much to learn and explore in Geology. It's not just "about rocks", though rocks are a huge part of the discipline.

I know so many Geologists who literally have nothing in common. Even the hubby and myself have such different interests that our research rarely overlaps. But that keeps things interesting, in our opinion, because then we always have something to talk about.

I was talking to someone else about Archaeology, and different field methods. "Of course," I said, "every question in Archaeology starts out as a question in Geology," to quote Colin Renfrew, a famous geoarchaeologist.

I got a blank stare.

We've gotten to the point in academe and in education in general that we think none of the major disciplines are compatible, or overlap at all. We study to be "Engineers", thinking that they are so very different than Architects. Or that Physicists don't know anything about rocks.

"The DIRT people!?" 10 points if you can tell me where that's from. :P

As Americans, we also don't read enough outside of our job or career any more. Scholarly book sales are on the decline. One could argue that this fact alone is the reason I'm getting all of those blank stares. Where or not the problem is that we are all so busy trying to make a living, the issue is there.

This post started in one place, and ended up in quite another. But I do tend to get philosophical about the question of education from time to time. Please bear with me. 

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