Sunday, July 3, 2016

Some have asked about my here goes:

I teach Geology, Geography, and the four fields of Anthropology (Cultural Anthropology, Archaeology, Physical Anthropology, and Social Linguistics) at the college level. My dear husband teaches Geology part-time while being the full-time carer of our 1 and half year old daughter. My PhD is in Anthropology, specializing in Historical Archaeology, Geophysics, Soil Science, and Conflict Archaeology, and his is in Geology, specializing in mantle processes and mineral formation. We both love Geology, just very different aspects of it. :)

In the military, I developed a love of traveling. Luckily, the hubby likes to travel too. We travel a lot. Actually, really A LOT. And we discuss what we've seen. Sometimes we don't agree...and people seem to be interested in that. I'll post some video soon. :) (Yes, I use smiley faces.) So I hope you'll keep reading, while we keep traveling.

-Dana and Maik

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